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A raise for people who get Social Security disability benefits.

Published by Michael W. Grochowski, Social Security Regional Commissioner in Atlanta.

Beginning in 2013, a 1.7 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) was applied to all Social Security disability and SSI disability payments. The average monthly Social Security benefit for a disabled worker in 2013 is $1,132 (up from $1,113 in 2012).  For people who receive SSI disability, the maximum federal payment amount has risen to $710 (up from $698).

Other 2013 Social Security Changes

Maximum Taxable Earnings:

Social Security (OASDI only):  $113,700.
Medicare (HI only):  No limit.

Quarter of Coverage:  Earnings needed to earn one Social Security Credit  -  $1,160.

Social Security Disability Thresholds:

Substantial Gainful Activity:  $1,010/mo.
SSI Resources Limits:  Individual:  $2,000.  Couple:  $3,000.