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For thousands of years human beings have pondered the meaning of their existence.  Over the millennia people from all parts of this planet have been asking;

          Why is there so much suffering in this world?

          What is the purpose of our existence?

          What behavior is right, and what behavior is wrong?

Ancient civilizations developed religions that held out the promise of a joyful afterlife. All of today's major religions have sophisticated doctrines that encourage followers to live a life of compassion and love toward our fellow human beings. All of today's major religions encourage followers to let go of the desire to acquire more material possessions and to pursue more altruistic goals.

The practice of law has a lot to offer those who are motivated by altruistic goals.  There is no shortage of injustice and suffering around us.  A law degree can be an effective tool to combat injustice and lessen suffering.

But for those attorneys who seek to make the world a better place, the process of promoting social change is filled with a never ending stream of ethical issues.  Can an attorney aggressively fight injustice and practice loving kindness?  Can an attorney defend the poor and the oppressed without creating new suffering? 

These questions are not hypothetical.  I am an attorney.  I went to law school in the 70s because I wanted to make the world a better place.  I did not expect so many ethical issues.  I wrestle with these issues every day. 

So I decided to start a Blog.  My purpose is to explore the many ethical issues that confront an attorney who strives to make the world more fair and just.